Clear Glass Wine Chime on a straight table

  • The Wine Chime Toasting Bar is a new, innovative centerpiece that brings people together around the table in the century’s old tradition of toasting. Everyone gently taps the tonal bar in unison with their glass, mug, bottle, or tea cup and is included in every toast, without reaching, stretching, or spilling—no one ever feels left out.

    The Wine Chime enhances family table settings as well as catered or special event tables. It is complimentary to existing tableware and makes a beautiful and elegant centerpiece for any occasion. It can be decorated to match any season, special day, or event. With a Wine Chime on the table, your guests are encouraged to embrace the moments we share together, share a thought when we’re all together, raise your glass, and make a toast!

    Each glass Wine Chime base is hand blown and sets are carefully matched. Simply remove each base from the box, thread the clear cane or metal hook tonal bar support into the top of the base, decorate to your liking, set it on the table, and then hang the tonal bar.

    Granite & Marble Wine Chime bases come completely assembled. Just decorate to your liking, hang the tonal bar, and it’s ready to use.

    Wine Chime Info:

  • Two glass bases and one straight 44 or 56 inch long, silver tonal bar. Tonal bars should be about 35 to 45 inches shorter than the table. Custom cut tonal bars are also available.
  • Each hand blown glass base weighs between 3 and 4 pounds, is approximately 9 inches tall x 5 inches in diameter and is offered in clear, blue or black immersion glass.

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