Wine Chime

Everyone taps the tonal bar with their glass, mug, or teacup in a toast

Ideas For Use

Great Spring Time Centerpiece

Spring Tabletop centerpiece. Wine Chime Toasting Bar in glass vase with river rocks and Lilacs

Wine Chime bases in glass vases with river rocks and lilacs.

Clear Glass Round Wine Chime Base

Round Wine Chime tabletop centerpiece Family gathering toasting bar holiday tabletop decorations

One of three clear glass Wine Chime bases with spring floral arrangement on a round table.

Blue Immersion Glass Wine Chime on a round table

Blue Immersion glass Wine Chime table centerpiece. Family Gathering Toasting Bar holiday tabletop

Wine Chimes designed for round tables make the perfect centerpiece for any gathering or special event, inviting your guests to embrace the moment, share a thought, raise their glass and make a toast!

Decorative and Functional Centerpiece Inside a Centerpiece

round glass wine chime toasting bar tabletop centerpiece family gathering toasting bar decoration

Wine Chimes are fun, functional and decorative. This one has a separate floral arrangement in the center, surrounded by a round Wine Chime; bringing more color, variety and beauty to the table. 

Everyone taps the tonal bar in unison with their glass, mug, bottle, or tea cup and is included in every toast, without reaching, stretching, or spilling—no one ever feels left out.

Black Granite Apple Wine Chime

Black granite wine chime toasting bar on straight table. Holiday centerpiece, table decoration.

Simple, elegant, decorative and functional. 

Works great with real or faux flowers and electric candles where fire codes don't allow real ones. 

Perfect For Outdoor Events


Great for lake side tables and outdoor events. This beautiful, blue pearl round Wine Chime is more likely to blow you away than get blown away. Don't let its beauty and elegance fool you.  

With three granite bases and wrought iron masts, this  centerpiece will hold firm longer than most people want to be outside if bad weather is looming.